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Deli Rolls
Choose Granary or White

The Smokehouse Club
Roast Chicken & Crispy Bacon in Smokey Mayonnaise with Crispy Onions & Mixed Leaves
£3.85 out/£5.25 eat in

E.L.T (v)
Free Range Egg in Yorkshire Rapeseed Mayonnaise, Roast Tomato, Toasted Deli Rolls

Flashed Halloumi (v)
Flash Grilled Halloumi with Coleslaw, Leaves & Chilli Jam
£4.00 out/ £5.40 eat in

Ham Classic
Roast Ham, Coleslaw, roast Cherry Tomato, mixed Leaves & Yorkshire Ale Pickle
£3.75 out/£5.15 eat in

Chicken and Chorizo
Roast Chicken, spicy Iberico Chorizo, Leaves & our super spicy Chilli Mayonnaise
£3.75 out/£5.15 eat in


All served with salad garnish