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Deli Rolls

Choose Granary or White

The Smokehouse Club
Roast Chicken & Crispy Bacon
in Smokey Mayonnaise with Crispy Onions & Mixed Leaves
£3.85 out/£5.25 eat in

E.L.T (v)

Free Range Egg
in Yorkshire Rapeseed Mayonnaise, Roast Tomato, Toasted Seeds & Leaves
£3.65 out /£5.10 eat in

Flashed Halloumi (v)

Flash Grilled Halloumi with Coleslaw, Leaves & Chilli Jam
£4.00 out/ £5.40 eat in

Ham Classic

Roast Ham, Coleslaw, roast Cherry Tomato, mixed Leaves & Yorkshire Ale Pickle

£3.75 out/£5.15 eat in

Chicken and Chorizo

Roast Chicken, spicy Iberico Chorizo, Leaves & our super spicy Chilli Mayonnaise

£3.75 out/£5.15 eat in

All served with salad garnish

Simple Sandwiches

Cheddar Salad Roll

Mature Cheddar, mixed Salad and Coleslaw

£3.10 take out/ £4.50 in

Tuna Salad Roll

Tuna in Olive Oil, mixed Salad & Coleslaw

£3.85 take out/£5.20 in

Chicken Salad Roll

Roast Chicken with mixed Salad and Coleslaw

£3.40 take out/£4.80 eat in

Kids Sandwiches

Plain Ham or Cheddar Roll


Ham and Cheddar Toastie


For information on allergens please speak to a member of staff

Hot Drinks

All our coffees are crafted from a
double shot of Grumpy Mule Espresso.
Americano 2.20
Latte 2.40
Cappuccino 2.40
Flat White 2.35
Mocha 2.55
De Caf 0.30
Soya Milk 0.30
Syrups 0.30
Breakfast Tea 1.90
Earl Grey 1.90
Rooibos 1.90
Peppermint 1.90
Chai Latte 2.55

Cold Drinks

See chiller