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A mixture of all today’s fresh salads topped with:

Chicken £5.90
Tuna £5.90
Goats Cheese £5.90
Cheddar £5.90
Halloumi £6.50
Extra topping £1.00

Pie Board
Choice of Pie or Pastry from Deli counter served with a selection of today’s salads and homemade dressing
£4.75 take out/£5.95 eat in

Add Chutney 30p

Please note salads change daily and often include gluten (wheat and barley) dairy, soya, celery, nuts, seeds and egg.

If you have any concerns please ask a member of staff.

Hot Drinks
All our coffees are crafted from a double shot of Grumpy Mule Espresso.

Americano £2.20
Latte £2.40
Cappuccino £2.40
Flat White £2.35
Mocha £2.55
De Caf 0.30p
Soya Milk 0.30p
Syrups 0.30p

Breakfast Tea £1.90
Earl Grey £1.90
Rooibos £1.90
Peppermint £1.90
Chai Latte £2.55

Cold Drinks
See chiller